Ways of Writing a Dissertation

Many students find it hard to write a dissertation. If you want to be good at writing, you have to practice a few times a week. There is a procedure for writing a dissertation that you should follow. If you fail to follow any step, then your article will be useless. It hurts so much when you spend so much time writing something only to get negative reviews. Start by knowing how your dissertation should look. Here you are going to learn the steps that will make you better.

Literature Review

It comes before you start your dissertation and is a vital part that you should not skip. It is a summary of every detail in your dissertation. It helps the reader know what your dissertation is all about before reading your entire paper. For your literature review to be perfect, you will have to read your article and summarize it better.

Things Required in a Literature Review

You can decide to look at different themes used by authors and write about them. Your dissertation must be on point for you to get good grades. You can mention authors that deal with whatever course you are taking. You will have to compare writers by writing strong arguments that best describe them. You should arrange your work neatly by using subheading. You can also go for bullet points as long as your work is productive.

The Length of Your Literature Review

It is about 25% of the entire paper you have to write. It will depend on whatever you have to write about, but there is no much difference in the length. You have to use some questions in the article. It will help you stay on track and avoid going off-topic. If your literature review is not that strong, you can change your research questions and work with others. Here are the tips to follow:

  1. Questions
    Do not start writing anything before coming up with the questions that you will use in your dissertation. The moment you come up with the query before you begin writing, you will be able to save yourself time. You will not be able to waste time thinking about what to write.
  2. Wide Search
    You should depend on a thorough search for your work to be pleasing. You can look online for other dissertation articles and learn from there. Do not start writing before knowing what exactly you need to put down. You can search for different webs and also the library. Do not give up before you get all the information.
  3. Significance over Content
    Do not get confused with the books and articles you read. Try as much as you can to get the content and take your time to figure out the significance of your work.
  4. Main Themes
    Make sure you explain perfectly the themes that will be in your text. You can try and find ways that can help you do it better.
  5. Findings
    Apart from the findings, your work requires you to have the results. The discovery you write will make your text stronger. Make sure that your points are relevant.
  6. Valid Sources
    The sources from which you get your information must be legit. Do not have the wrong information from unknown sources. Be very careful about the information you write. If you make a simple mistake, your paper will get bad reviews.